mercredi 9 janvier 2013


I am not particularly found of Best of or whatever you call that (rewind, favorites...) but here's a list of what made me happier in 2012:

- Mirrorring Foreign Body LP (Kranky)
- Black To Comm Earth LP (De Stijl)
- Mike Wexler Dispossession LP (Mexican Summer)
- Iibiis Rouge Hespherides LP (Weird Forest)
- Grouper A/A reissue LPs (Yellow Electric)
- Le Petit Chevalier An Age Of Wonder LP (Shelter Press)
- Pete Swanson Man with Potential LP (Type)
- Raime Quarter Turns Over a Living Line LP (Blackest Ever Black)
- Swans The Seer LPs (Young God records)
- Skull Defekts 2013-3012 EP (Thrill Jockey)
- Total Control Henge Beat LP (Iron Lung)
- Alexander Tucker Third Mouth LP (ThrilL Jockey)
- Amen Dunes Ethio Covers 7" (self)
- Helm Impossible Symmetry LP (Pan)
- Chicaloyoh Les Fantômes Sortent des Racines 7" (Tamed records)
- Hive Mind A Stagnant Plague Cast Through Shallow Earth LP (Helicopter)

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