vendredi 29 juillet 2011

rawraw edizioni

A dipper grip by Frédéric Fleury

Rainforest #7 by High Wolf.

I've already talked about Rawraw on this blog. So I won't say anything else, just go and check their website to look at their beautiful zines.

mardi 26 juillet 2011

implodes: marker

Appropriate music for this dark and sad day here in Normandy. Implodes are from Chicago and they released Black Earth few months ago via kranky records, mixing post rock, shoegaze, ambiance and drone with success.

the common people

There is not much information about this american band. I learn that the band recorded Of the people/by the people/for the people from in 1969 and David Axelrod was supposed to be the producer. Unfortunately, he helped them on the first three tracks due to financial problems with Capitol, the record company, which obviously make this album a failed chef d'oeuvre. Because it's almost impossible to make no difference between these orchestrated songs from the rest of the album. Anyway, it is still a great psychedelic pop record.

lundi 25 juillet 2011

sic alps: breadhead

Drag City has announced the release of a Sic Alps 7" in august. 4 new songs as short as usual for the band who will be touring in Europe at the end of the summer.
Two extracts below:
Can't you see

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

jeudi 14 juillet 2011

mardi 12 juillet 2011

angel olsen

Dark beautiful haunting folk music. You can find Angel Olsen's 12" on Bathetic records.