jeudi 22 mars 2012

mike wexler: dispossession

A really beautiful album by Mike Wexler. Think about the Canterbury scene (Soft Machine, etc...) and folk and add some modern songwriting and a perfect sound. Dispossession is available on Mexican Summer.

vendredi 9 mars 2012

ben vida: esstends-esstends-esstends

Ben Vida has been around for quite a while, having played in bands such as Town & Country and solo as Bird Show. He has collaborated with many artists such as Hisham Bharoocha, Kevin Drumm, Yamatsuka Eye and C. Spencer Yeh. esstends-esstends-esstends is a drone piece based on spatializatiion created for Computer Controlled Modular Synthesizer and Digital Signal Processing. The record is available in a beautiful LP via Bill Kouligas' imprint, Pan.

jeudi 8 mars 2012

angels in america

The duo Angels In America, Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten are active for some years now, having released few tapes. Their dark new wave may find sources in artists like Lydia Lunch and the noise and industrial scene. Anyways, it's beautiful, very dark and haunting. Narrow Road To The Interior was released last year on Ehse records, where you can buy or download the LP and a new tape A Public Ranking is available on Night People.

In Spades

Follow Me Out

mardi 6 mars 2012

black to comm: earth

Earth is the new album by Black to Comm (Marc Richter) and the soundtrack for the film by the artist Ho Tzu Nyen. Out now on De Stijl records.