lundi 24 janvier 2011

sic alps: new videos!!!

Drag City has launched two new videos by Sic Alps for their forthcoming album Napa Asylum. Sic Alps from San Francisco is Mike Donovan, Matthew Hartman and now Noel Harmonson (who played with Comets of Fire). Their music is a great mix of psychedelic, noise and some kind of pop. I first discovered them few years ago through the Animal Disguise label (home of Mammal) who released "Pleasures & Treasures". Think about Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground but noisier and you'll almost get it.


Zine by Peaking Lights.

Zine by Burial Hex.

Zine by Demons.

Zine by Gary War.

Zine by Stellar Om Source

Rainforest is a series of zines edited by RAWRAW in Italy. Each zine by bands who played in events named Rainforest in Rome. They look really great. You can buy them here. RAWRAW published also beautiful zines by various international artists.

samedi 15 janvier 2011

RIP Trish Keenan

Official statement from Warp: "It is with great sadness we announce that Trish Keenan from Broadcast passed away at 9am this morning in hospital. She died from complications with pneumonia after battling the illness for two weeks in intensive care.

Our thoughts go out to James, Martin, her friends and her family and we request that the public respect their wishes for privacy at this time.
This is an untimely tragic loss and we will miss Trish dearly - a unique voice, an extraordinary talent and a beautiful human being. Rest in Peace."

jeudi 6 janvier 2011

the soft moon

The Soft Moon from San Francisco is the project of Luis Vasquez. A great mix of post-punk, noise and minimal music creating a dark and psychedelic vision. The first album is out now on Captured Tracks.