lundi 20 décembre 2010

kemialliset ystävät

Extract from the album Ullakkopalo on Fonal records. If you don't know Kemialliset Ystävät yet, go for it! Since years, they maintain a weird, original and mesmerizing sound in their nordic country, Finland.

jeudi 16 décembre 2010

archers by the sea

Great french drone ambient music by Archers by the Sea. Vincent Caylet (behind ABTS) creates beautiful dark soundscapes. His last LP They were floating over the mountain, they were kings is out now on La Station Radar.

mardi 7 décembre 2010

pillars of fire

Beautiful extract of The Pillars of Fire movie project, filmed by the artists Julien Langendorff and Jason Glasser with the help of Matteah Baim for the music.

jeudi 2 décembre 2010


I can't stop listening to this record! Arp is Alexis Georgopoulos, who also plays in the Alps (see below in this blog). The Soft Wave is really great and mesmerizing. A mix of drone, synthesizers and cosmic music like Cluster, Harmonia and a bit of noise. You can listen to it here. It has been released by Smalltown Supersound.
Pastoral Symphony: I. Dominoes. II: Infinity.

mercredi 1 décembre 2010


Smycken is Rasmus Emanuel Svensson (a graphic designer and visual artist fron Sweden) and Hanna Nilsson. They create dark, electronic, psychedelic and haunting music. He also edits a great magazine PWR Paper with various contributors. Svensson's work is very original and one of the most inspiring today. It can be seen here (visual) and heard there (music).